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Quotes My whole family has been to Buddah, some at private readings and others at the Spirit Circle. Never have we been disappointed. The readings are accurate and comforting. As a life coach Buddah is supportive and loving. Cannot imagine anyone else taking care of all us and channeling our loved ones to give us important life messages. Thank you! Quotes
Shirley Ackerman

Quotes I was so happy that my little sister and I went to see Buddah. She was right on everything she spoke of. She is so blessed to be able to make a difference in people's life's. Quotes

Quotes I have to say Buddah is a true talent. I lost 3 people in such a short amount of time & when that happens there is no time to recover from one loss to the next. You can lose your faith when the grief overtakes you. I have had the opportunity to have 3 readings from Buddah. I think what amazed me the most is she picked up on actual conversations that I had with those loved ones before they had passed on. There is no way she could have know that as those conversations were private between my self & my loved ones. She also confirmed a suspicion of a loved one's passing of not being of natural causes. She told me he would reveal what happened in my dreams but not all at once. The 2 dreams I have had did reveal what I suspected and who was involved. Last but not least she told me that one of those loved ones said he knew things were still unsettled between us. The only way Buddah could have known any of this, she connected with my loved ones on the other side. Thanks! Tina R.. Quotes
Tina R.
Amazed & satisfied customer

Quotes Buddah has a gift for seeing what the issue is be it a message you may need or healing, be it physical or spiritual. Her efforts are clear concise as well as compassionate as she ever seeks to do well by those she sees. Quotes

Quotes I went to see Buddah at a medium party one of my former co-workers had. I do believe there is more to life than what we see, but I do not believe that everyone that labels themselves as a 'medium' is indeed one. Buddah is truly a talented & beautiful spirit and is the real deal, she has forever changed my life with her reading. She knew NOTHING but my first name, had no idea of my story or what I was going through. When I saw my former coworker was having a party I thought, "oh I'll sign up... its a reasonable fee and if I get nothing well then so be it". The moment I sat down and shuffled the cards and Buddah linked in with my energy, she told me she felt how my Mom died (which was 100% accurate and no one outside my family knew) She said things from my Mom that no one else could have possibly known how I was feeling. I was heading down a stress filled path that she said my loved ones said "Get off" Thank you Buddah, you have truly changed my life with your gift! Quotes
Christine Flexer
Changed forever thanks to Buddah

Quotes I met with Buddah for the first time in February, 2014 for a private reading at a house party. I actually wasn't planning on having a reading, but did it as a favor for a friend who needed to fill a spot. Little did I know my life would be forever changed in a half hour.. Buddah was able to connect with my stepson who had passed suddenly and had left so many questions unanswered. My heart was filled with joy on that day, as those questions were answered and so much more. Since then, I have had a few house parties and have been elated by the peace Buddah has brought to my friends and family. Buddah is a sincere, loving, and talented gift from God. If you have thought of having a reading, be it psychic or mediumship, I highly recommend Buddah Strouse! ♡ Quotes
Noell C.
Forever Grateful

Quotes I had heard Buddah was good as a medium and psychic but had no idea she would be as excellent as she was. I went there mainly interested in the medium side of things, but not having said so. There were conversations I had with the loved one who had passed who I had hoped to hear from....conversations that NO ONE else knew about...or had a way of knowing about...and Buddah was able to repeat some of what was said in this was amazing. I have NOT one doubt that she was truly able to connect me to my loved one who has passed and I would highly recommend her services and would and do intend on going back myself! Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I met Buddah when she came to my home to buy some bookshelves I was selling. My son had passed away due to brain cancer in 2011. We were walking around my home and she said to me" your son wants to talk to you" The things she told me had me in tears and I knew that moment she knew what she was talking about. She told me things that no one in this world knew about my son. It was a wonderful experience. She was so in tune, and I KNOW with all of my HEART, my son was talking through her. I thank God she came to my home that day. Quotes

Quotes I saw Buddah for a private reading in November of 2013. I was a bit nervous, but her energy immediately calmed me. She was able to connect with those who have crossed over, particularly my maternal grandmother, who had a lot to say to me:) I received a lot of great information, and even though she told me things I knew I should listen to I went on doing things the way I always have. Now, I have a deep spiritual need to allow her to connect with me again. I'll see her again in a few days...this time? I'm making some changes, and being very open to whatever spirit has to say. God be with us:) Thank you Buddah for an amazing and beautiful experience. I look forward to my next reading....very much needed:) Michelle O. Quotes
Michelle Orndorff

Quotes I had Buddah come to my house to do a clearing because my brother died in my house. I didn't tell her anything about his death only I wanted my house cleared. When she got here she IMMEDIATELY picked up on his overdose. She said we thought he killed himself, but it was an accident. My mom was in the other room listening. She knew that too and asked my mom to come out to the living room where we all were. It just freaked me out how much she knew. I wasn't even looking for a reading just to get my house cleared because I thought my brother killed himself in my house! I am so glad my friend told me about her, and I am glad my family got that closure! It was needed so bad. I am forever grateful. Quotes
Sara Flemmings
She is the real deal!!!!!
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