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Quotes I have had readings many times over the years, she is AWESOME and was especially comforting when I lost my oldest son 41/2 years ago! Quotes
jJoni Anderson
happy customer!!

Quotes A life changing moment. I laughed, I cried...I walked out so happy and refreshed. I had so many thoughts and questions going thru my head and one by one she answered every single one....and i didnt even say a word!! She just knew...she told me things that no one ever know...the reading shook me to the core and i can not recommend this enough!! you will walk out a happy healthier person Quotes
Molly Carr

Quotes I've had the pleasure of meeting with Buddah twice. My first reading was a last minute opening at a house party. She didn't know me at all, didn't know I was going to be a guest. The things she knew were amazing. She left me speechless after my reading. I then invited her to my home to do readings. She spent the entire day doing readings and it was so much fun. It was a pleasure to meet Barb at that time as well. I've seen a number of people who claim to do what Buddah does, she is one of very few I've met and felt were truly genuine. Quotes

Quotes Absolutely wonderful, amazing private reading session! It felt real, and genuine, not fake or made up. Buddah was accurate and extremely specific about information that nobody else would or could possibly know. I was completely 100% satisfied. I highly recommend Indigo Way to anyone who wants answers to things that nobody else can answer. Thank you Indigo Way for easing my mind as well as helping rid me of heavy guilt that I have been carrying since 2012. I'm a believer!!! Quotes
Extremely satisfied daughter

Quotes I have got two readings done by Buddah. My first experience was something that changed my life. I was a HUGE sceptic of the things Buddah does. I was at a group reading and of course listened to everyone else's readings thinking that it was just all talk. Then she pulled me aside and told me some very real and personal things happening in my life that only I knew. She saved my life by that reading. I am no longer a skeptic. I'm a true believer and alive because of her! Quotes
Fantastic experience

Quotes I've had 2 readings with Buddah and she is amazing. My boyfriend committed suicide and wanted some peace of mind. She was spot on without going into details. I would highly recommend going t her. I will definitely be going back to see her! Quotes
I needed peace of mind

Quotes I have had 4 from Buddah and all of them have been amazing. My last one I had started even before it was my turn. But after my reading was over it I understood completely what she was meaning and so did Buddah. I will never see anyone else for a reading. If you ever have a chance for a reading from Buddah go for it, you will not be sorry you did it. I promise!!!! Quotes
Very Happy Customer

Quotes I can't say enough good things, so much honesty, helpfulness, love and hope comes out of each reading! Quotes

Quotes I heard she was honest, I heard she would blow my mind. I needed the truth about a situation, and came to her with hopes of getting a good reading and some advice. what I got was much more. You cannot question her gift after one reading from her. she just knows whats going on. there is no guessing, no trying to get info out of you at all, she just tells it as she sees it. I am beyond happy to have found her, for my situation will be ongoing for a while. I needed honesty and honesty I got.. down to one of my biggest faults in my personality, and exactly what my life lesson is during this. If you want the honest truth, without any holding back, call her. You better be prepared for the truth though. she is absolutely fabulous. Quotes
completely is awe

Quotes Let me starts by saying Buddah didn't even know my name before my appointment. So there is no way she could of found information about me ahead of time! Almost 6 years ago my son died in a horrible accident where 4 others died. He was being blamed for this and in my heart I didn't think it was true. With the information Buddah gave me about it the DA has reopened his case! There were 3 people that lied on the case, and the DA couldn't prove it until now. There was NO WAY she could have known all of those things. She spoke the way he spoke, and came from a place of such compassion. I never believed in this stuff before, and now I do! I know it's true, and now all of these families will get some peace knowing the truth! Thank you Buddah for helping me!!!! Quotes
One Reading And My Life Is Now Changed Forever
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