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Quotes I find Buddha to be intriguing and extremely accurate. She also has a kind heart and loving, soothing energy. I would recommend her to anyone !!! Quotes
Diana G

Quotes I can't express my gratitude enough for the amazing reading I received by Buddah! She was able to share a message from a dear friend that was near death. Buddah shared healing with me so I could stay positive and on course. Thank you with all of my heart! Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I went in with an open yet semi guarded mind. I'd hoped for some closure, but didn't want to get my hopes up. A long story short--she was able to bring things up that there is no way she could know or make up. From losing someone who was like a second grandma, to letting me know that my grandma figure was holding the child I lost 6 years prior... She was even able to tell me that the child I was carrying now would be just fine. No one even knew I was pregnant!! I cannot wait until the next session I already have with her and many in the future. She gave me so much closure and I breathe easier everyday from answers she gave to questions I had buried deep... Thank you Buddha--I'll never be able to thank you enough. Quotes
Ashley Bradley
breathing easier

Quotes My sis and I went in for an appointment on a Sunday. She blew me away, there is no way she could of known the things she told me. Buddah has an amazing gift. She will answer any question you have at the end of your reading, that is if she has not already answered it during you reading. If you need closure, or are stuck in a rut, or just what or need to know something. Give Buddah a call. She's really good with the gift God gave her. Quotes
Theresa Klein

Quotes Buddah Psychic Medium is the best! I have had several readings and she was always correct with what she said. The best was getting to communicate with my Mom through her and also my son saw Buddah and got to communicate with her too, he misses his Nana so much and that through Buddah was priceless! It has my son and I both in tears, it was amazing, Buddah communicated things that only we knew with my was very moving! Everyone should take a moment and go see is definately rewarding. Some of my friends have went and loved it too! Do something for yourself and get a will be glad that you did!! :-) I highly recommend Buddah!! Quotes

Quotes My husband and I saw Buddah for a joint reading. She was amazing and covered so many pertinent topics for us without even having to be asked. I was able to ask about family members as well and she was able to connect with some of our departed relatives. I didn't know what to expect when I went but she put us right at ease. Quotes
Tara McGinnis
Happy Customer

Quotes I was guarded because I was not sure if she is a real deal or not when I went to see her. But, after the reading I got, she was spot on. She knew things NO ONE knew about except me; certain feelings I had when I was dealing with the passing of my mother. Things I did after she passed that only i knew about and she stated specifics that blew my mind. I HIGHLY recommend her to all who is interested in the spiritual world. I had her do readings for both my daughters and they were shocked at how accurate she was with them also. Quotes
Mary T

Quotes I had a great reading - thanks for all that you do for us. glenna Quotes
Glenna Mount

Quotes I have had readings many times over the years, she is AWESOME and was especially comforting when I lost my oldest son 41/2 years ago! Quotes
Joni Anderson
very satisfied long time customer

Quotes Have been to Buddah many times both private and Spirit circle. If there is anyone I am to thank more for listening to what my grandfather has to tell me, it's her. Loved every reading and have never regretted any of them. Quotes
Chris Ackerma