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Quotes I went to Buddah and she has been on target regarding my daughter's health issues. I find her extemely friendly and knows what she is talking about. I have referred many friends to her. She is no phoney, she is a true blue psychic Quotes
barbara patterson
100 % accurate

Quotes I had my first reading with buddah at a house party. My mom and I invited all our friends and everybody had the best experience speaking with those who came through. Especially when my friends and I were together and the words that came from he mouth were exactly that of what our loved one would say... And these are ppl she couldn't of known. I enjoyed the experience so much that I have had several more sessions and intend to have more. She is amazing at this as well as an all around amazing person. Not to mention when u have a house party, you get to meet her wonderful wife as well. I couldn't recommend her services enough! Quotes
Melissa Reeter
Satisfied widow, granddaughter, and friend

Quotes Buddha has always given me relevant, compassionate, and intuitive advice and insight. She has amazing abilities and a knack for being spot on. Quotes
Christal M.
Grateful Receiver

Quotes Went into this not realizing that I would receive a much needed healing. Spirit came through and gave me a tremendous gift. Thank you so much... Quotes
Shawna wood foiles

Quotes I was able to get a message from my father that was very healing. I also love Buddah's spirit and sincerity. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs a loving message. Quotes

Quotes Buddah picked up so much when my grandmother died, which took away some of the pain because of the humorous message that i got--I was one in a spirit circle shortly after her death, and she looked at me and immediately brought up the fact that we kept trying to feed her mashed potatoes and pudding and she HATED IT -- but i could def see her doing that--but that was just validation for the rest of the message--to find out that my grandma said 'thank you' and that she knew that we did the best i could was such a comfort to my whole family--I also appreciate that she just tells it like it is,! Quotes
janette funderburk
at peace

Quotes Buddha helped me so much in so many ways, I'm not sure where to start. Communicating with my mother who had passed was so big. I went in there, NOT wanting her to come through, because I was guilt ridden about not letting her live at my house, etc. Oh, so many things. Of course, who came thru right away> MOM!! It was so healing! She didn't feel that way at all, and Buddha relayed the information to me in a way that helped me so much!!! There were many other things that were helpful, and I never doubted her for ONE minute!! She is a great person, and I promise that a visit to her, will change your life! GO! Quotes
Lin Myers

Quotes I have had several readings. I do recommend her.....highly...(as well as soberly) LOL Quotes
Alma Sander Moyer
Buddha rocks

Quotes Buddha gave me my first reading. I didn't want to get my hopes up, so I went in with an open mind and let her tell me anything she wanted to share. My uncle passed away in 1986 and a woman who was like my second mom came thru. I was so close to both of these people in my life, if I never had another reading I would be thrilled with the one I had with Buddha. She pinpointed my uncle to a T and shared so much about my second mom, she even had to stop to giggle because she was coming thru with her normal humor! It came out in my reading about the things that I have happen in my house that are unexplainable. She told me it was my uncle and that he is always with me. My family was so close to him, that it really made me feel good to know he's constantly with me. I miss these two people so much every day! I cannot wait to have her in my home in a couple weeks for another party! She also gave me some hope for my future! 5 Stars to Buddha! Quotes
Dawn A.
Teary eyed but very happy!

Quotes My reading with Buddha is something I wouldn't trade for anything in this world. She relayed "word for word" the last conversation I had with my grandmother just before she passed. My grandmother was unable to speak, so I had always felt the conversation was one sided. My Grandmother came through and completed the conversation which gave me more peace than there are words to describe. Thank you Buddha...wish our paths had crossed YEARS earlier!!! :) Quotes
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