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Quotes I've been to Buddah 3 times and so far everything she has told me has come true. She is amazing. Not a phony. She is the real thing. I have called her out of the blue about my daughter that has been sick for 10 years. She was right on target. I love her and she has helped many people. God Bless you, Buddah. Your stuck with me forever. LOL Quotes
Barbara Rafool Patterson

Quotes 1st class and i left there already feeling hopeful , calmer, educated, and optimistic about my future . Buddha is very kind and made me feel comfortable just being in her presence. Quotes

Quotes I've had readings by many people. I have never gotten as much as I have from just one short reading with Buddah. She is amazing! She has told me upfront instantly information I have been asking others for years about and gotten nowhere. She has taught me so much and we just met her. I can't wait to learn and grow with her guidance. Quotes

Quotes I remember the first reading I received from Buddah. I also remember the situations I was going through at the time too. The messages I received that day helped me heal and gave me the insight I needed to process every thing and move forward. I have since then recommended her to my family, close friends and co workers. I have hosted 3 house parties, due to everyone wanting a reading. For me it's very beautiful to see the people so close to me receive their own persona; healing and walking away with peace and understanding. If you haven't had a reading with her, I strongly encourage you to do so. I am thankful I did. Quotes
Vicki Huerta

Quotes I've known Buddah for a few years now. I've had one reading done and have attended numerous classes she has offered at Indigo Way. She is the most real and down to earth person you will ever meet. There is no hokey movie/tv psychic show put on to cover up a lack of gifts. She is the real thing. She was able to predict numerous life events and tell me things about my life and family that she would not have known otherwise. The sense of community and acceptance during her classes is amazing. Every walk of life and every type of belief is accepted and discussed without judgment. Meeting with her for a reading or attending one of her classes will definitely leave you feeling like you've known her all your life and will help you on your own spiritual journey. Quotes

Quotes I met Buddah through a mutual friend. I attended one of her classes and was immediately intrigued! Spirit, energy, crystals, empath--all these were new to me. It was her classes that helped me get more involved in these topics and many, many more! I have also seen Buddah for EFT. I was going through a bad divorce and getting over so much past emotional baggage, that without her life coaching, I wouldn't be in the amazing place that I am now. She is an amazing life coach and person. Her medium/psychic abilities are just amazing. I would highly recommend her for a reading, energy clearing or even reiki. Her abilities are endless. She definitely is one-of-a-kind. Love her! Quotes

Quotes I had my first reading with Buddah a couple weeks ago. So far all she told me has happened with my daughter. She was 100% on target. I've been to many over the years and no one compares to Buddah. She is friendly, compassionate. She is the real thing. Nothing phoney about her., Now, I'm waiting for the happy things ahead for me she predicted. Love her. I recommended her to all I know. Hope, they go to her.. You won't be disappointed. Quotes
barbara patterson

Quotes I met Buddah probably 3 yrs ago!! I went to a spirit circle which was the beginning of a healing process!! My husband and mother both passed away in 2011. It helped me tremendously and would recommend this for anyone who is grieving after a loss of a loved one!! I have had private readings also which are amazing!! The messages I received from my loved ones helped me to be at peace!! She is amazing and everyone can benefit from her gifts!! Quotes
Deborah Marfell
Satisfied Friend

Quotes I have had a reading from Buddah B Strouse, she was right on the money with me. I have never met her before, she did not know my family members that have crossed over. I HIGHLY recommend her if you would like to hear from your loved ones on the other side. She is one of the Best that I have been too. Quotes
Vicki Cardwell

Quotes Buddah is the most in depth, precise psychic I have known or heard of. The information she gets is extremely correct & exact. I have never known her to be wrong with anything she has told to me or anyone I know that has gotten a reading from her. Her goal is that a healing & a blessing take place with every reading. She is truly Amazing! Quotes
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