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Quotes I saw Buddah just a little over a month ago. She made me feel very at ease and comfortable. She was very accurate in her communication with my deceased loved ones and gave me great, insightful information regarding my future. The reason I waited a month to write was because one piece of information she gave me just came to be. My daughter has been struggling with fertility issues. I asked Buddah if she would be able to have a baby. Buddah stated that she would have a baby and she believed that it would be twins, or possibly even triplets. It has been 5 weeks since my appointment, and my daughter just found out this week that she is pregnant with twins! I am in awe of Buddah's gift, and cannot wait to see her again. Quotes
Kathy Holmes
Amazed customer

Quotes Been to several pychic's, but this was my first medium. Didn't know what to expect. I was very nervous. But as I met Buddah Strouse, I was so comfortable in her presence. When she started communicating with the spirit's, it was as if she had known me all my life. Words cannot describe how this has affected me. She helped put alot of things into perspective . Thank you! Quotes

Quotes I went to have a reading done by Buddah in the first part of June 2016. I have never believed in this type of thing, but my boyfriend bought me a reading for my birthday. He loved his reading with her and talked me into it. I went in sat down and didn't say a word. She went into some sort of zone after she said her prayer and didn't even look at me until the very end. I thought for sure she would read body language, my expressions, or something. She didn't do any such thing! She didn't even want to know anything about me, and my boyfriend set it up so she didn't even know my name or anything!!!!!! This woman made a believer out of me. She knew things about my mom who died, a song she once sang to me, what her favorite desert was, and crazy other things. I left feeling more at peace than I have in 10 years since I lost my mom. There is no doubt her gift comes from God. She is amazing. She made a believer out of me. Quotes
No longer a disbeliever

Quotes I am at a huge loss of words. I have seen so many psychics over the years. I really was believing there was no such thing as an accurate one. Buddah changed all this for me. There is no way in hell she could know all the things she did about my life. I feel so lucky to have come across her name online. #BuddahStrouseisthebestmediumever #BestPsychicMediumInTeWorld Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I had a 15 minute phone reading. I have to say it was wonderful. A lot of family came thru and I am very pleased with my reading. I would like to have more time for a reading and in person. So I plan on scheduling another reading very soon. Buddah was right on about so many things. Anyone thinking about a reading should definitely book an appointment. She was very personable even over the phone. I have a lot of things that I want clarity on and that is why I would recommend a longer reading. Was an exceptional call and I am excited to talk with her again. Buddah thank you so much. I can't express how much this reading has helped me and I can't wait to visit again. Quotes
Happy customer

Quotes I had a bad motorcycle wreck in 2013. I broke both hips, and felt like shit the last 3 years. I went to Buddah to have energy work done thinking worse case I blow 50.00 bucks today. It has been almost 3 weeks since Buddah did what ever the hell she did energetically to me, and I have had NO PAIN! She even said to start she isn't a doctor and can't guarantee anything, but she would try. If she plays pool the way she does energy work then she would be a damn pro. I have never believed in any of this, and was kinda weirded out to tell you the truth. What Buddah did for me was worth way more than 50 dollars. I can play with my little girl again and carry her on my shoulders. Seems simple to some, but my little girl don't think so. Thanks Buddah you changed my life for real I have a suspicion you do that for everyone though you say you are just you. The world needs more of you people in it. My little girl says thanks Quotes
Henry T.
Hip pain is gone

Quotes The messages that Buddha brought to me it was like my mom was sitting on the other end of the phone.I feel like the anchors I have been dragging around for so many many years are gone.I can finally take a breath.feek deserving of life..I truly feel PEACE..Thank you Indigo Way from the Bottom of My Heart Quotes
Amy Kubrick
So at peace now

Quotes Buddah...the real deal! Was in tears, a little laughter, mostly amazement. Just incredible! Quotes

Quotes I have had several readings with countless psychics and mediums over the past 15 years. I have never found one that is as accurate, honest, caring, or on point as this lady is. Buddah is infact all she says she is and more. Plus how humble she is will blow you away. God most certainly gave her this gift. I am so glad she shares it with me. I would be lost without Buddah. Quotes
So Happy

Quotes I have had two readings with Buddah and most recently attended a class at Visions in Springfield held by her. Each reading is a wonderful experience, allowing me to understand how to heal in a way that works for me. Her approach to helping others is the way that it should be, natural and unscripted. The way developmental exercises were explained by her was very easy to understand and do. I highly recommend at least one encounter with Buddah. Thank you Buddah! Quotes
Lucas S.
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